Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daruma (Bodhidharma) goes from West to East

Blyth's translation:

Those who like Buddha [that is, those Buddhists who follow Buddha's literal teaching] go form China (West) to India (East);

But Daruma Dono (Daruma san) who hates Buddha [that is, Daruma (including his followers) who refuses to take blindly the instruction of Buddha] leave the West (India) and comes the the East (China).

[I thought] that they would meet in a friendly way at the Nezame no Chaya [where all the Buddhists are awakened from Ignorance and really come to understand the spirit of Buddhism] and that they would cooperate in their common cause,

But [unfortunately, they go on quarreling and] my hopes are [shattered after all] like a dream.

From Blyth, Zen and Zen Classics, Volume 1, Translated by Suzuki

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